04 Dyna carb sneeze and cough / should I rejet?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Brewhead, May 23, 2012.

  1. Brewhead

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    Just picked up an 04 Dyna Super Glide. It has an awful carb sneeze and misfire. The bike has Screamin Eagle slip on's and I have no idea if it's ever been rejetted. Should I rejet and how do I figure out what jet to replace and what size to replace it with? Thanks!
  2. Bodeen

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    First thing would be to remove the carb, disassemble and clean it inside and out. At that time you can look at the jets and see what size they are. Report back with whats in it and then we will have something to work with. Need to determine if it has thunderslide, has the slide been drilled out etc.
    Check out the self help section. There is enough carb material there to keep you busy for days.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum, Bodeen is right check the self help section first Harley Davidson Community Here is a good read to get started