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    Late Sunday afternoon I was returning home from the Mayfit rally in Pawhuska Oklahoma. We stopped for gas about 40 miles from home and my 05Dyna wouldn't start. It was cranking fine but not starting. I pulled the rear plug to make sure there was spark and it started running on just the front cylinder. Once I put the plug back in it started fine. It ran fine the rest of the way home . After I got all unpacked I decided to make sure it started again. It did start but I noticed the engine light came on a few seconds after it started and stayed on for a few seconds and then went off. I tried to find a diagnostics section in the service manual that evening but gave up unable to find anything in it. I chalked that up to me being exhausted.

    Monday morning I found HDTALKING by googling my problem. As a newbie to forums I was going to post a question asking for help. By this time I had also found out there is a seperate diagnostics service manual. Surprise surprise! I decided to check the Self Help Tips section first and I sure am glad I did. The tip "04-07 HD DTC Codes" was right on the money. It was easy to use and I was able to clear the error and now the engine light does not come on after it starts.

    However......Does anyone know why I would get a code P0374 (CKP Sensor Not Detected Carb) when my bike has EFI? Also, any clues on why it would not start and then all of a sudden was able to?
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    CKp Sensor should be crank sensor they can fail then cool off then restart
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    I'm glad you looked in the self help area and found the code section.:D Most just come on the forum and ask the question instead.

    If you looked one more line down under what you posted, it reads...

    P0374 CKP Sensor Sync Error EFI

    Like Bud said , it could be heat related but they are also a magnetic pickup like the vehicle speed sensor on the trans and do get fouled up with fuzz to from time to time. There was also problems with the vendor and an updated sensor has replaced the original one starting in 04. You may have the old one in yours.
    I would wait and see if the error returns again or pull the sensor and see if it is clean.

    Crank Position Change - Harley Davidson Community
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    Thanks Glider. One of my buds told me the same thing about it being magnetic and collecting fuzz on it. I've been riding it back and forth to work all week except for Monday and the problem hasn't returned. I'm going to clean it this weekend though just to make sure.

    Thanks Bud White. I guess heat could have been a issue. I was about 280 miles up to the point it failed. I've done similar rides on hotter days though. Maybe age fof the sensor factors in too.
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