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04-07 DTC Codes "No Rsp" displayed


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I recently had a problem with intermittent missing and stalling that I traced down to a bad Crankcase Position Sensor - it was a cheap fix, as fixes go (only about $40), and the bike runs great now. I diagnosed it by checking the speedometer diagnostic codes - I had a 373 and 374 code posted (CKP sensor problems) - so being able to access them really helped.

After I installed the new CKP sensor, I went back into the diagnostics to clear the code so I would know if it would happen again.

When I first bring up the diagnostics, the PssPt code is displayed with the first "P" flashing (normal). When I press and hold the odometer reset button to bring up any stored codes, it should either bring up any stored codes or display "none". Instead, it hesitates, then displays "No rsp" instead.

THe other areas of the diagnostic modules ("S", "SP" and "t") all function normally - when I press and hold the odometer reset on them - it displays "none". It's just the "P" module that displays the "no rsp" code.

Any ideas on why I can't reset the code, or how to clear the "no rsp" response" ? I want to make sure the diagnostics are working in case this happens again. Thanks
On models not equipped with a tachometer "No Rsp" will appear when the tachometer identifier (T part of the sequence ) is selected but it shouldn't appear with the selector in the "P" position.

It sounds like it's not communicating properly. Did you unplug the ECM plug by any chance?
thanks for the quick reply. I didn't unplug the ECM (ICM) under the seat as a part of the CKP sensor install, but I checked it anyway and it all seemed tight The only thing I unplugged before I installed the new CKP sensor was the maxi fuse, and plugged that back in when I was done. I checked the CKP sensor plug in the harness and that seemed tight too. But, if it were a problem with the new sensor, seems like the bike wouldn't run right ? I wonder if the dealer gave me a newer rev of the CKP sensor that the ECM doesn't know about. Any other ideas ?
ECM is for FI, ICM is carbed.:s

If the CKP sensor was bad, the bike wouldn't start. It relates no input to the ECM for proper sequences of fuel , timing etc. I assume you cycled the ignition before rechecking the codes?

This has the new sensor pics in the thread.

Maybe put some miles on the bike and it would go through a few ignition cycles and check the DTC again, see what you get. These things seem to have a mind of their own sometimes.
try checking it again with your kill switch on, mine said the same thing when it was off
Good call - that was it. You get the "no rsp" if you try to reset/display the code when the kill switch is off. Don't know why I got "none" on the other areas (good response), and just the "no rsp" on the "P" module - but go figure. Everything is cleared now so I should know if I get the original codes again. Thanks.
no prob...glad ta help when I can, but to be honest I just stumbled on that by accident, all these computer on bikes?...what's the world coming to!!!