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04-05 Carbed Models Update


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Symptoms: Overly Rich mixture , rough idling

M-1162 1 of 2
The purpose of this service bulletin is to notify the dealer network
of a production running change and service parts
change to provide an ICM strategy and PPU (Pulses Per Unit) software update.
This bulletin will also provide part number identification,
update benefits, and the associated procedures required to update OE vehicles at the next vehicle service.
The new ICM strategy will improve Twin Cam 88/88B idle performance characteristics. Currently the speedometer may
overstate actual vehicle speed, within allowable limits. The new PPU values will reduce the amount of overstatement,
further improving accuracy on Sportster and Touring models. Base calibration parameters and spark tables are unchanged
but will be over-written during the reflash procedure.
Do NOT reflash vehicles that have been modified with Screamin’ Eagle ignition modules.
Screamin’ Eagle Pro ignition race tuner maps will be rewritten to the OE calibration.

Motorcycles Affected
All 2004 and 2005 carbureted Harley-Davidson models produced
for domestic and international markets prior to mid-
September, 2004 will benefit from the improved ICM strategy.
All 2004-2005 Sportster and carbureted Touring models produced
for North American markets prior to mid-September,
2004 will benefit from the improved PPU values.
Updated vehicles may be identified by ICM part number
32478-04A or 32622-04A, printed on the ICM label or
through System ID using Digital Technician.
Required Dealer Action
Make sure Digital Technician is updated with version 13.10 or
later. Check, and if necessary, update vehicles as they come
in for normal service:
1. Check part number printed on ICM label. If part number
is 32478-04A or 32622-04A, no further action is necessary.
2. If part number printed on ICM label is NOT 32478-04A
or 32622-04A, connect Digital Technician to vehicle, navigate
to System ID screen and view actual part number
stored internally in ICM.
3. If part number stored internally is 32478-04 or 32622-04,
perform reflash operation and download new ICM strategy
and PPU software update by reloading the stock calibration.
4. Verify the ICM part number has been updated to 32622-
04A in System ID.
After performing the update operation, you should update the
part number printed on the ICM label. Thoroughly clean label
to remove grease, oil and dirt. Cover old part number with
correction fluid such as Liquid Paper
or an adhesive label.
Print new part number (32622-04A) on ICM label with indelible
In the interest of preserving customer safety and satisfaction, always check for outstanding recalls whenever any motorcycle is brought into your
dealership for either maintenance or service.
M-1162 October 20, 2004