03 Sporster 1200c hard to shift and noisy

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by Dig89, May 20, 2014.

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    I have a 2003 Sportster 1200c. Over the last 2 weeks it has been hard to shift. I pull in the clutch and it just doesn't want to shift to the next gear. I have to use some force to shift it. Yesterday it became really hard to shift. Also, there is a knocking or rattling noise coming from the gears while I have the clutch lever pulled in. I tried to adjust the clutch cable but I'm still having the same problem. Todays my first day without riding my bike. I don't have a second bike or cage. I need to fix this fast. Any recommendations?
    Where should I start first?
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    If you don't have a manual you'll find a detailed explanation for clutch adjustment in the self help section. You'll get a much better adjustment at the clutch. Adjust the cable afterwards to get correct lever freeplay.

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    It MIGHT be the throw-out bearing IF not FIRST, the clutch/then cable adjustment...

    Jack is a good guy here and Might find a blow up to show you...

    Eh? Jack....

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    Bacon and Bubbie thanks a lot. Gives me a starting point. Clutch first, then cable adjustment. Got it.

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    I learned through HD that proper clutch adjustment is:
    -back off the locknut and loosen the clutch cable adjuster all the way on the cable itself, then;
    -open the derby cover and remove the small spring/hex nut assembly, then;
    -using a flat head screwdriver, turn the clutch adjustment screw all the way out until it stops(DO NOT use force), then;
    -Turn the clutch adjustment screw 1/4 turn to the right. then;
    -replace the hex nut/spring assembly (which essentially freezes the adjuster screw in place due to the two flats on the screw and two flats inside the hex nut) BUT* if you still have to spin the adjuster screw to get the hex nut back on, always err on the side of spinning it a little more than the 1/4 turn, rather than make it tighter.
    -replace derby cover, ensure the rubber gasket is still there and check for serviceability. then,
    -adjust the clutch cable, until you only have about 2-3 millimeters of play between the cable end and the clutch lever itself, tighten locknut.

    I was told to do this by a tech up at my local HD dealer because I was having shifting issues too. I hadn't mentioned it but when he took my bike for a test ride after some work, he noticed it. Once I did it (also found a video on youtube saying the exact same thing on a channel called "delboys garage") the bike shifted much easier and smoother. also check the primary chain for proper adjustment. I am a newbie at this stuff myself but I noticed that if I follow directions, (which Im new to as well lol) then things start to work better.
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    [​IMG] Here is a picture of your clutch, bearings and release mechanism I hope it helps, Bubbie has given you good info on where to start, let us know how it goes:s
  8. Jack Klarich

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    1 8873 ball 3 1.78 1.60
    2 8885 bearing 1 11.17 10.05
    3 11046 retaining ring 1 1.05 0.95
    4 11250 retaining ring 1 1.05 0.95
    5 11730a well nut 1 3.05 2.75
    6 11752 adjustment screw 1 3.55 3.20
    7 25453-87a ramp, inner 1 5.08 4.57
    8 25409-94b ramp, outer 1 12.54 11.29
    9 34920-86a coupling, clutch cable 1 6.85 6.17
    10 36715-94 spring, clutch adjustment 1 3.14 2.83
    11 36785-91 clutch hub 1 147.12 132.41
    12 36790-91 clutch shell & sprocket w/ ref # 14, 20 1 394.84 355.36
    13 36792-91 spring, diaphram 1 38.11 34.30
    14 36799-91 ball bearing 1 66.94 60.25
    15 36802-84b lockplate, well type 1 1.57 1.41
    16 37495-91 nut, main shaft 1 15.99 14.39
    17 37870-91 spring washer 1 10.66 9.59
    18 37872-90 seat, spring-inner 1 6.95 6.26
    19 37904-90 retaining ring 1 11.72 10.55
    20 37905-90 retaining ring 1 11.72 10.55
    21 37908-90 retaining ring 1 11.72 10.55
    22 37909-90 retaining ring 1 12.69 11.42
    23 37911-90 friction plate (paper) 8 27.13 24.42
    24 37912-91 pressure plate 1 58.06 52.25
    25 37913-90 steel plate 6 11.45 10.31
    26 37918-91 release plate 1
    27 37977-90 spring plate
    Here are the part numbers for the clutch diagram I posted

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    NEVER to many times said:

    You Are a good Man Jack... Always there to help and GOOD at it...:newsmile01:

    Thanks I'm sure, from ALL the members who get your help


    ALSO right on:.......Nikko684
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    :D Many thanks Bubbie, that is what it is all about helping when we can:s