03 Road King no spark to wires?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by ChopScott, May 12, 2011.

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    Everything is working fine appearing like it should ready to go when trying to start and turns over fine but NO SPARK TO WIRES? New coil, new 40amp breaker, new battery, tried everything but will not start no spark showing pulling the plag and on cylinder. Let someone go around the block, he stalled it once, jumped it and after parking it the next day it would not start but sounds strong with everything working as it should but replacing those parts above and checking spark found none-no spark and will not start since???

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    Check the wires to the coil?? right way???
    Maybe the Jump damaged things......????

    Maybe Hoople or Chopper will be along soon...
    (means I don't know anything...)...

    They will straighten out a thing or two for you.

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    put new wires on it too
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    The closest service manual I have is a 2003 Dyna, which may work for some basic tests.

    Was there No spark on Both cylinders. The ignition on the 2003, (at least Dyna) needs to be looked at as 2 distinct ignition systems. One can work completely independent of the other. The front & rear coil are separate and independent even though they are housed in 1 package. So check for spark at each plug. (with spark plugs installed)

    See if any DTC codes are set. I have never pulled codes from a MM system but here is the DIY link to check on codes.. 00-03 HD Codes And Activation - Archive - Harley Davidson Community

    I would then check to see if I had Battery voltage (at least 12.0 volts) on the white and black wire located on the coil. There must be voltage when the ignition key is On.

    Disconnect the 3 wire electrical plug going to the coil. At the coil using your meter, measure the resistance between the pin which was hooked to the white and black wire (probably center pin) and either of the two remaining pins. Record the reading. Now measure from the white/black pin once again, to the Other pin. Are the two readings close in value. They should be.

    I would now disconnect the crank sensor plug and hook up an AC voltmeter to the 2 wires coming out of the crank sensor. Spin the engine around a few times. The voltage will fluctuate but see if you get something in the 2-3 volt AC range during cranking.

    Try this and see what you get. Hope info I have on Dyna applies.
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    thanks, I will try all this