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    when starting bike fuel injection light loads up,signaling start up.After start up light comes on again.What causes this, it goes off after a couple of seconds.thanks,h2oman513
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    I am not clear on what light you mean. I have an '03 UC that has a full dash. When I turn the key switch on, I get a security light, and an engine light on my speedometer. When I turn on the handle bar switch, I can hear my fuel pump come on and charge the fuel system (a couple of seconds), and then my security light and my engine light go out. If my engine light does not go out, it means that there is a current problem that is sending a fault to the system. If the light first goes out then comes on for a short period or flashes for a short period and then goes out, the system is telling me that their is a historic fault recorded that is not currently sending a fault to the system. These type of historic records will go away after 50 start-stop cycles lasting at least 30 seconds.

    See here:

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    Let us know what you find.

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    ok,on my dash it has the injection light that goes on when shooting fuel,then goes off,signaling fueled up to crank,also handle bar switch is on of course.
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