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    fellow riders, I just purchased my first Harley, I believe i got a good deal at Mancuso Harley Davidson in Houston TX. 2003 fat boy 7,000 miles, with Mods $10,900. I've been hearing that the stock seat on this model is horrible, and quite frankly I don't like it much myself. I need advise on seat recommendations.

    seat in mind is a Harley Davidson model (Bad Lander seat) does anybody know about this seat, and its comfort?

    all advice appreciated, thank you, and safe riding out their!!
    REBEL JOE FOXX 20011!!!!
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    You bought the bike there. At least they could let you try a seat before you buy it.
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    I agree with Redfish-Joe, they should be willing to let you try whatever seats you want.

    While the Badlander is a good looking seat, if you want to stay with HD seat the Sundowner Seat is probably better as far as comfort goes.

    Sundowner Models | Harley-Davidson USA

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    Lol..yeah, i didn't even bother to mention the seat i guess i started believing the seat (EDIT) after reading about it. I picked something up from your comment though, ride over their, look for that seat, and try it on
    thank you..

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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    Thanks.. Will look into
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    I too have an 03 Fat Boy. I have both the stock seat as well as the Badlander. I actually like the stock seat better but with one difference, I use a Bead Rider seat pad.

    BeadRider - Beaded Motorcycle Seats

    It is amazing!!! It is more comfortable. It also allows air to flow under your bottom, which is very important here in Texas. I have had it now for almost 5 years. I have ridden as many as 700+ miles in one day with it. It is the best $40 i have ever spent on my bike.

    Here are a couple of threads discussing them.
    Monkey Butt: Which Powder is the BEST? - Harley Davidson Community

    Beads that go over your saddle. Which is cooler? - Harley Davidson Community

    I hope that helps,
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    First, congrats on the sweet FB - love those '03's - post up a pic sometime.

    Second, three simple words for your seat - Mean City Cycles (Mean City Cycles - Custom Seat Modifications). Give Allen & his crew a call - they'll fix that seat problem @ 1/2 the price of new.
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    I totally agree with the beadrider comment. I have a Corbin seat on my 05 Fatboy. I get monkey butt in the 1st 200 miles. I put a beadrider on it last year and love it. I just returned home (WA state) this past Monday from Costa Mesa, CA. I departed Costa Mesa at 4am and I pulled into my driveway at 1:53am. (1200+miles) I stopped for gas and a 20 minute food stop.

    I was 100 comfortable.