02 Roadglde Sputtering When Hot

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by louthestar, Jun 28, 2010.

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    I own a 2002 Roadglide FI. Recently, in the hot weather it's been stuttering / missing when starting from a complete stop, like when you're stopped at a red light and the light turns green. The bike has 40,000 miles on it. It's stock except for a stage 1 and screaming eagle mufflers. I'm the original owner and it has been well maintained. The bike has always, on occasion spit or popped out of the filter/breather when it's hot out. I know this is kind of normal. What's been happening is more than that. It doesn't seem like a misfire. The bike just sputters once or twice and then clears and she's fine. I'm going to change the plugs, but I don't think hat's the cause. They're pretty new. It doesn't seem to be a spark issue, but could be wrong. I was thinking maybe it's the fuel filter or fuel pump. The bike has 40k like I said. Can anyone help? Anyone have the same problem?
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    Other than the stuttering/missing when starting from a complete stop, are there any other issues with the performance of the bike.

    If your running at 2500 RPM in 4th gear and go WOT to 5000 RPM, do you experience any surging like it is running out of fuel.

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    Couple more questions........Does the air filter seem to load up with oil more or are you seeing more drips on the side cover and front of the saddle bags on the right side of the bike? When you change the plugs, check to see if you have any "oil fouling". Have the demisters in the head pans been serviced? And, have you had your cam chain tentioners serviced or looked at?
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    no other performance issues. other than spuuering when leaving from a stop the bike still runs as good as it always does. no surging. tackling the fuel pump / line issue but really don't wanna go there. air filter is the same as always. a few spots on the sadle bags, etc. after some good riding. same as always. demisters????? what's that? cam chain tensioner? timing etc. is fine. it's a sprk or fuel issue.
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    How old are the plugs and plug wires? Are the wires on tight on the plugs?