'02 Fatboy - Carbed - Ignition Switch +?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Doak-A-Hey, Oct 13, 2009.

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    My wife's '02 Fatboy's Ignition Switch had been experiencing some intermitent issues like the internal contacts were dirty or corroded (or just wearing out). I removed the switch about 6 months ago and cleaned it with contact cleaner. This seemed to help until yesterday. Went for a ride and it performed fine. Went to move the bike last night and had no headlights, panel lights and would not start, but the odometer did light with mileage.
    When I removed the console, found that the connector pin that is closest to the keying pin on the ignition switch was burnt and had melted part of the plastic connector housing around that pin.(3 pin Switch) Continuity checked the switch and this pin is now open with the switch in any position. No fuses were blown ? ?
    Was going to order a new switch from easternperformance.com but not sure if we have another issue or not?
    What would allow that pin to get hot enough to melt the housing around it and not blow a fuse?
    Any Ideas Would Be Appreciated !
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    Generally when the contacts in an ignition switch get corroded or worn and don't make a 100% connection, this causes resistance and resistance causes heat. That's where the melted parts came from. More than likely time for a new switch.

    I have seen battery terminals melt down when a bad connection was the problem, same principle.