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    quick question....have read a few threads on here about it, including "excellent" instructions about an '03 RK from Glider...the question is , once the axle is removed, belt off, etc, does the bike have to be jacked up exceptionally high to get the tire to clear the rear fender, or is there a trick to doing it??? I have a sears cycle lift, just not sure of the "logistics" of this operation...thanks!!(got a flat & need to replace the tube & the original "10 yr old" tire)
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    Be sure to strap bike to lift 1st. Keep in mind that on ground straps need slack for as bike raises straps will tighten. You will probably have to raise till 2nd safety catches. Drop wheel to ground and will need to tip to slide out from fender. The higher you go the easier it is.
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    DBMG has you covered. I purchased a scissors jack from an auto parts place and I put that under the wheel so I can let the tire down, without having to do it with one hand trying to hold the tire while I pull the axel out with the other hand.
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    How i do it is lift the bike enough to get it level then pull the rear brake then the wheel leave the wheel to sit on the floor jack the bike up until there is enough room to get the wheel out i try to work the wheel out at an angle once the wheel is out drop the bike till it is level
    once ready to refit the wheel raise the bike enough to get the wheel in place then drop the bike to the wheel
    i find it easier to work with the weight of the wheel on the floor and move the bike up and down with the jack


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    Once again, this forum's info made the job go very smoothly...pulled the rear tire & have the front all ready to drop out, no problems...only 6k miles on her & my rear pads dont look all that great so I will be replacing them also. Ordered up some D402's from DKIRK, but after keeping wide whites clean for over 10 years now, I will be joining the "blackwalls on a classic" club...let the "flaming" begin, LOL!!(pics to follow in a week or two)