01 FLHT Rear Shocks

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    I got some new tires put on my bike, finally. Headed out to the garage today, and there is a huge pile of oil that is sitting under my rear tire. Yep, the shocks are gone. So here are my two questions;
    1) is there any way that the shop screwed up my shocks when they changed my tire?

    2) i've been looking at new shocks, and they two best (for the budget/performace mix) seem to be the progressive 416's and 440's. Which one should I go with and where is a good (cheap) place to get them from.

    I'm sure somebody is going to say 'the best shock all depends on how you ride,' so here ya go. I have the detach tour pack, and I ride 2up with my wife about half the time, and solo the other half. The bikes got a 125, and nothing makes me happier than lifting the front tire off as I pass a little fetal position bike coming out of some of twisties!!

    Gonna try to call and order some shocks today. Anybody have any good advice on the 416's or the 440's? Sounds like the 440's are more heavy duty, but the 416's are convenient because they are air adjustable. Any input?
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