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  1. RocDoc7

    A quick update on the FXR project

    Thanks again to all for the kind welcome I received in January and February. The 1989 FXR is looking much better now, after a lot of grime removal, especially underneath; removal of black engine paint from all the covers and housings; removal of some chintzy, scratched chrome covers, especially...
  2. S

    Passenger Comfort

    Hello All! I am the passenger on a 2001 Heritage Softail. We have gotten me gel seat cushion and it works great however, it adds about 2" the seat and I am only 5'3". Does anyone know if we can raise the footboards so that my legs don't go numb? Thanks bunches!!
  3. wjsjr

    2009 FLHR Seat Replacement

    I'm about ready to replace my 2-up seat for a Mustang 75466. I'm a bit concerned about dropping $467 before actually putting my behind on it. I'm not so much concerned with riding position changes as I am with overall comfort improvement. If you're a previous owner or current Mustang seat owner...
  4. Airtech1987

    Road King Seat

    I'm looking for a 2 up seat with a wide passenger cushion for my 1997 Road King. The wife isn't very happy with her current accommodations. Let me know if you have something of interest. I use Paypal only, unless its local.