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  1. Tyler duncan

    We are selling out dad's shop engines Transmissions some frames

    There are 13 knuckleheads complete ready to run 1000.00 a piece there 9 panheads complete and ready to run 900 a piece. There are also five shovelheads 900 apiece . The motors listed have all been run by myself on Dad's workbench there are other engines but I do not know if they run or not An...
  2. R

    Randomly pops into gear

    I have a 56 Panhead with a mousetrap. I can put it into neutral, kick it over, let it run, give it a little gas and it will sometimes pop into gear, jump forward, and stall out. I will check after it stalls and it is still in neutral. The mousetrap and clutch still need some fine tuning...