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  1. P

    Intermittent ignition fault

    G'day from Queensland Australia, I have a 2000 fatboy carb. When I turn ignition on sometimes the engine light flickers or goes out or both. I then hit starter and sometimes motor starts sometimes not. Sometimes I'll be cruzin down the highway and it'll just die the engine light comes on when it...
  2. M

    Coil & ignition relocation

    So here's my situation, I want to do a coil and ignition relocation on my 2017 iron but given that it's personal preference I don't want to do a tank lift or have the big air gap between the tank and the motor. I just don't like the way it looks. Any suggestions?
  3. BIG OX

    ignition problem help please

    My 05 Dyna lowrider was running great when I rode her to work when I went to leave my bike wouldn't start she has a new battery that's maybe 2 weeks old its holding a charge and reading above 12v I have power when I turn the key to accessories but lose all power when I turn the key to...