fuel injection

  1. S

    Bike will crank, won't start

    My 07 fxst won't start, it doesn't have any trouble codes. It cranks fine, plugs are wet with fuel, it gets spark. I ride it every day. I had a weird issue last night. I got caught in the rain and rode 40 miles through it, in the last 2 miles my oil light came on it was dim, not fully bright. I...
  2. gardjs

    New Pipes with no tune!

    I have a 2012 Road King. I put on a S&S air cleaner, V&H Power duals and Hi Output slipons. I haven't had it tuned yet. I went for a ride, it started nicely, accelerated nicely, no deceleration pop, and when I got home I checked the plugs the next day and they were brown with a touch of white...