Bike will crank, won't start

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Sdphill92, Jun 24, 2017.

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    My 07 fxst won't start, it doesn't have any trouble codes. It cranks fine, plugs are wet with fuel, it gets spark. I ride it every day. I had a weird issue last night. I got caught in the rain and rode 40 miles through it, in the last 2 miles my oil light came on it was dim, not fully bright. I pulled over shut her down checked the oil level which was fine and I started it back up (the light worked bright and normal when the key turned) the light stayed off for a few minutes and came on dim again by the time I got home. I woke up this morning fired it back up and let it idle for about 10 minutes, no lights no issues. Ran great. Shut it down and I looked at the oil pressure switch. The connector has a little corrosion so I cleaned it up. I believe to corrosion and maybe rain caused the dim light. I ran an errand and came back home. I tried to start it and it will crank but not fire. I am stumped. I just filled it up yesterday with gas. It has over half a tank. I did give it some throttle while cranking and it putted a little but still no fire. The bike has ran miraculously since I bought it. Any ideas?
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    Ok so after 2.5 hours of wiggling connectors and checking the bike head to toe I finally retraced my steps and forgot one part of my day involving the bike between running and not, and with all of my mechanical experience I still cannot believe out how I mixed up 2 spark plug wires. I had given the bike a wipe down to get rid of the water spots and unplugged them to polish the chrome cover on the coil and I had them backwards, the incorrect way actually let the wires lay nicer together and I didnt even give it a second thought because of it. So I swapped them and she fired up instantly. I will now live by ("air, fuel, compression, and THE CORRECT spark") This event did force me to join this website which I have found has a lot of useful information so one good thing came out of it.
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    Glad you figured it out. As you now know it is Single fire ignition system. Each plug fires independently of each other. Older bikes were a dual fire system which fired both plugs at the same time. Lots of good info in the search area.
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    Sometimes it's those little things we overlook. Glad you figured it out.
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    Welcome to the forum from Scotland
    I think that most of us have made the odd wee error when reassembling something that is why it is always best to revisit the last job you did before the problem occurred
    It is something you will never get wrong again, good job on finding the error an updating the forum

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    Welcome to the forum, thanks for letting us know you figured out the cause of the no start.