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  1. RocDoc7

    New member FLHR and FXR

    Hi ! I'm definitely not new to motorcycles, have been riding since 1971 on various German and Asian brands, and have owned (& loved) my Twin Cam 2002 Road King (FLHR) since 2008. I finally found the bike that I've always wanted, a 1989 FXRP. It's still requiring a good deal of work. Some...
  2. wjsjr

    FLHR RR Tire for Spoked Rim

    I'm riding a 1999 FLHR and am for the first time buying a rear tire myself and not through my dealer. My INDY shop closed this year and I'm on my own ordering through the WWW. The tire that's on it is a Dunlop MT90B16 MC 74H D402 white wide sidewall. There is the word TUBELESS on the tire. I...
  3. wjsjr

    2009 FLHR Seat Replacement

    I'm about ready to replace my 2-up seat for a Mustang 75466. I'm a bit concerned about dropping $467 before actually putting my behind on it. I'm not so much concerned with riding position changes as I am with overall comfort improvement. If you're a previous owner or current Mustang seat owner...