Yikes, egos and motorcycling.

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    I have an apprentice at the gym. A few months ago a cop asked me about a machine I use called "The Gaunlet." Think of it as a backward escalator. A painful machine to use, most folks go 12 minutes. I do 100 minutes. After a bad physical exam, the cop wanted to slim down and improve his health. He now uses the machine next to me, and we act as work-out partners. He is already seeing results.

    Last week a buddy of his stopped by as we were stepping. He said he had been watching us, and admonished his friend he was losing weight "too fast" and told him to take some rest days. As he left he added, "I'm having trouble losing weight." The cop told me he knew the guy, he had an ego problem, and trashed anyone's success fearing it made him look bad.

    I told him I knew guys like that, for I had bought a Sportster.

    Seems simple. I always liked Sportsters, this is my fourth. I got some unexpected inheritance money, enough for a big down-payment. I'm having a blast. I've already put on enough miles to trash a pair of shocks and wear out a tire. You'd think folks would be happy.

    Far from it.

    One guy at the gym bought a top-of-the-line dresser. First it was teasing, then abject consternation when I asked about his riding, and he had to admit he only logged 1,300 miles the entire riding season.

    I've heard comments about 'girlie bikes.' Then it dawned on me what was really happening. I was having too much fun, and doing it publically. Like my cop friend pointed out, these fragile egos did not take my new pursuit as a plus for me, but rather as a minus for themselves. If I could drive all over creation on a bike they distained, why couldn't they accomplish the same thing on a "better bike."

    One day I took my truck to the gym. First thing I got was comments about not riding. These guys are actually happier when no one else rides, fearing an indictment on their own behavior. Yikes.
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    Little attention should be paid to the people that choose to talk down to another person that has different ideas than they have. In most cases I believe it is an insecurity issue on their own part that makes them do it as you point out in your post above.

    PS Thanks for moving over to off topic!:s
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    There is a term "Chest Puffing." Might the reason that some buy Ultras is for the right of chest puffing and talking down smaller bikes. I bet that never goes on at a gym????? Or after a few beers??? :naughty

    Probably the reason for only 1,300 mile on a Ultra or Limited in a riding season is bike being 900+ pounds is intimidating and its better to talk down a Sportster than talk about the many thousands of miles the Electra Glide has been ridden..... Get my point.:s
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    I don't even care if you ride your Sportster on the gauntlet.
    Two wheels is two wheels. Well, except for trikes but I want one of those so bad...................:D

    As for the "attitudes" and egos, my take on it is that if they can diminish your status in their minds by denigrating you it makes them feel better about themselves.
    A wee bit childish and pathetic but "testosterone" contests seem to be all too common.
    I do my best to avoid those people. No one is ever happy around them.
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    That's about the truest statement I have heard in a long time and can be applied very nicely to some people I know. I guess in their minds they are just so "cool" . :lolrolling
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    I have had a few comments about my bikes when i go to the nearest motorcycle dealer about 30 miles away
    as most hanging about there are on metric sport bikes and look down on Harleys as they are not as fast as they are
    however i tend to just ignore the comments as i do not care what they think i care about how i feel and i feel good

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    A legend in their own minds!!!:small3d011:
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    Thanks, guys. It appears from your posts that we all have run into these guys. And it also appears that in the end they are fooling no one.

    I like this comment:

    A simple observation, to be sure, but very telling. Owning a big bike implies you ride it. Having everyone know there's no mileage on it blows the image. Well, you know the old adage, "Even a widow owns a Harley."
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    I work with a fellow who would always give me this backhanded compliment about all the chrome on my bike. He would say "Sheesh, that must be a pain to keep clean"
    I told him that I actually enjoyed making her look pretty so I can proudly ride her. He, like the fellow that you mentioned who only had 1,300 miles on his bike, rarely rides his bike. He lives like 1 mile from work and yet he hardly ever rides it.
    So I guess what I'm saying is, I'd rather have a bike that I enjoy riding, ( like yourself) and ride it, than have a show bike that I rarely ever ride. That doesn't work for me.
    BTW, I have read enough of your insightful post Tourist to say that you don't take a back seat to any denigration! Just blow off their belittling comments.
    and do what they don't do-ride!:s
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    *sigh* No, I don't. And if I can hijack my own thread for a few sentences, I almost didn't want to enter this forum that way. Most places feel you should creep into the place. Post a few lines, not get too controversial. I admit I already stepped on a line I didn't know was there.

    But by reading your posts I knew that lots of you were my age, quite adept at debating and sooner or later you'd see through me. There are pet peeves I have in motorcycling, and after 45 years on bikes, I'd like to sometimes address those concerns, and try to do so without malice.