Yellow oil from blow by?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by goatseye, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. goatseye

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    Im running an 06 Nighttrain with a stock carb. After a ride through the rain I found that yellow oil puddly (about the size of a loonie) under my oil blow by tube that feeds to the ground.
    Went for a ride a couple days later when it was nice out and no more than an hour after parking the bike another puddly same size and color was under my blow by tube again.
    Any ideas of what it is and what to do would be appreciated.
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  2. Jeff Klarich

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    Not sure what the problem is But when water and oil mix it gets a yellowish tint to it.
  3. HDDon

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    How many miles on the bike? By the oil blow by tube are you talking about a tube that is attached to the heads where the heads vent? Usually this is routed back thru the air cleaner/throttle body. If the motor has a few miles on it the umbrella valves in the rocker box can become stiff and allow oil to pass thru the vent instead of a mist.
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Short rides will build up condensation that will mix with the oil as well, this will result in the oil you see being a yellowish color. Is it possible you have the oil level TOO high causing the extra blow by to begin with? Water and oil Do not mix well
  5. Iceman24

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    Pic of the area + oil would help...
  6. xcavater

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    Oil in the blow-by mixed with water most likely from the rain you described riding through Nothing more.
    If the tube has a low spot before it discharges, liquid ( oil and water) will collect until it pukes out.