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  1. dblt74

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    I am thinking about buying a set and I would like to here from people who have them on there bike . How did it affect there mpg and how much cooler there bike ran ? thanks for any help
  2. glider

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    My suggestion would be to take it a step up to a TFI so it can be adjusted. The IED only richens the entire range the same amount and maps are usually a bit on the rich side in the higher ranges.
  3. Mavagrand

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    Have an 08 EGC. Installed Xieds a couple of mos ago. Definate improvement on the throttle response. I can't say it cooled the engine off to a noticeable degree but I like having them b/c it is comforting knowing the ratio is a little richer with fuel regardless. If you plan on doing any engine mods, I would go with a management system as Xieds are not adjustable. Do a search on this topic, you will find many opinions. Smitty is even conducting an ongoing test of his. The MPG drop can be drastic if you twist the wick too much. When first installed mine went from around 40 in the city down to 31 MPG. However, my highway miles kept at 65 -70 my MPG was 39.8, which is a drop from the previous 45. Just pay attention to your throttle and it ain't too bad.
  4. Bud White

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    I have had them installed on my bike a while they do add more of a growl to the exhaust and the throttle response is better and the temps might drop a few degrees ... But if you plan on going with stage 1 air cleaner or slip ons .. buy the TFI as glider said .. Wish i would have bought it first .. live and learn