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Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by Cruzin Papa, Oct 11, 2008.

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    I have did searches on both of these and just not sure witch of these I should get, if either. Ok here is what I have 09 FXDC I have put V&H Stright Shot slipons on it. And that is all I'm planning to do to it. The A/C will remain stock. Right now the bike seems to run great, I do get just a little popping on decel some times. And I havn't noticed it being any hotter than before but I only have a few hundred miles on it so far. I'm just worried about running it too lean. So for my set up what would you all suggest? I guess I should run it a bit and take a look at the plugs to see what they look like. Should be a light brown right? White is to lean? Thanks for the help. Rick
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    It never hurts to add some fuel to a stock bike because they run very lean from the factory. Replacing any exhaust will usually lean it out a bit more.

    Plugs are difficult to use as a guide now because the tetra ethyl lead has been removed that would give you the coloration on the plugs. What you may get there now is the coloration from the additive packages which will be different colors with different fuels and not a good indicator of mixture.
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    If you do one or the other (air cleaner or slipon's) you do not need fuel management. If you do both you need fuel management. I did slipons and XIED's because I wanted the extra fuel. I just did a 5k service and the plugs were a light brown just as they should be. IMO slipon's and XIED's are a good combination. I am infected with the HD disease and am about remove the XIED's to add an air cleaner and a TFI. Smitty on this forum, has several very good posts about XIED's. Search on "Smitty XIEDs"in the above search box.
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    O.K. I've posted the question to another post and have not recieved an answer yet so I'll pose the question to you. I thought you could not just add slip-ons without an air clearer becuase of the fuel mixup. I own a 08 Fat Bob. Can I just add slip-ons for a little more Harley sound WITHOUT a air clearner and fuel change TFI etc.
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    The simple answer....Yes.