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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by jenaveve, Oct 5, 2014.

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    I had posted before about the rats nest wiring harness and the badlands turn signal module that was put on this bike from previous owner, well I got all of that mess finally figured out and all the turn signals, break lights, and everything else is working now but when he went to start it up it still wont start!! We tested the coil with a multimeter and had readings at 3.2 on the one test and the other one came up 1091 those are good readings right? So if its not the coil I hope its not the S.E. ignition module! I thought for sure those bad wire connections going through the connectors in the wire harness would be the problem but thats fixed and the bike still turns over but does not start. It gets fuel just no spark. The bike went from shutting off driving down the road and starting back up to not starting at all, would that be the ICM module?? I spent the whole week fixing that wire harness well 8 days actually going over every single wire and making sure it was going to the right place, like I said the turn signals and other lights didnt work before and now they do but it wont start. very very frustrated. We definatley dont have couple hundred to buy new ICM module, can you test them some way? Ive been reading about people testing them with a hair dryer while the bike is running and if they get hot the bike will shut off but the bike will not start so cant do that test. Does anyone have any advice???
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    Did you check the resistance between the output and the
    the primaries. That should read infinite resistance, if not then
    the primaries are shorted to the output. Are you getting 12 volts
    at the coil with the key on?
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    My advice is get yourself a good h.d. manual for your bike. Then follow the trouble shooting procedures set out in the book. If I have no spark I start with the battery and its wires. Checking for loose connections etc. Then I check for power at the appropriate fuses and check the fuse is working. Then I check for power from the fuse to the module it's supposed to power. Then there are specific tests for each module. Then I check for power at the end of the wire the module is firing and make sure the signal is getting there. If you follow this you'll find your problem. With any motor if you have compression, air, gas and spark something will happen!!
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    I had this same problem with a 1990 flhtp I bought to resell. had spark from coil to plugs, just not enough spark. cleaned corrosion out of coil and it ran great after that. good luck. hog up