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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Dave S Texas, May 19, 2011.

  1. Dave S Texas

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    I use WIX oil filters on my vehicles. I found the filter at the WIX site and read the specs. In my location, the WIX brand is sold at O'Reillys, so I looked at their site and read the specs. The specs between those sites were different as to media and micron rating. Called WIX! WIX CS said the O'Reilly spec is old info. In 2009 WIX changed the media from paper to glass. Micron rating for the paper is/was 19 and for the glass media it's 5. I like 5. The date code on the filter will read something like: 10-02-09(month/day/year) Date code after yr code 09, is the new glass media filter. #57148 for the black body/#57348 for the Chrome body.

    Something else: AZ has M1 Twin-V MC oil at a $2/qt discount 'till 30 May.
  2. dbmg

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    Thanks for the info. Question though, with all the money we spend on our bikes why not just go with the factory HD filter??????? I would not risk it.
  3. glider

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    There are other things to be concerned about besides just the micron rating when choosing a filter. Things like anti drain back valves, bypass valve relief pressure opening and the quantity of the filter media in the filter (sq inches).
    I would rather select an HD filter because they are built for the engine as opposed to another brand that will "work".

  4. Dave S Texas

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    Everyone has to make up his own mind when it comes to parts. The brand is superior to the HD brand, made by low-bidder Champion, and exceeds HD specs. The internals of the filter are exact match. The brand SAE J1858 results show it's a better choice. It's best that everyone do their own research making decisions. I'm not looking to start any war of words here and have no intention of debating. Using the OE H-D brand is fine with me.
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    I like the K&N filters. Never had any bad luck with them on anything, and they are way easier to get on and off plus I don't have to deal with the local HD Dealer.
  6. bigcletus

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    Just because there's a HD name on the product, doesn't mean it's the best quality available for you HD bike...
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    I'm with glider on this one.
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    I've never had a problem with wix I have 61000 miles and run hard on trips. I have done
    600 mile days in upper 90,s at 80mph or more.
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    Dave I use Wix filters on my wifes VW trike because that is what the trike manuf. suggest. Can I ask you why you are going to use Wix on your HD? Is it price or availability? Or just want to try something else?
  10. oldhippie

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    From the WIX website:
    Part Number: 57148
    UPC Number: 765809571488
    Principal Application: Harley Davidson Motorcycles - Black Spin-on - Has glass media - (Chrome version is 57348)
    All Applications
    Style: Spin-On Lube Filter
    Service: Lube
    Type: Full Flow
    Media: Glass
    Height: 3.404
    Outer Diameter Top: 2.921
    Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
    Thread Size: 3/4-16
    By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: 8
    Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes
    Max Flow Rate: 7-9 GPM
    Nominal Micron Rating: 5

    Gasket Diameters
    Number O.D. I.D. Thk.
    Attached 2.730 2.400 0.275

    Now, can someone find the related info on the HD filter so we can compare??