wiring new taillight & turn signals


Thanks for the help on the headlight! Now I'm on to the rear!
2001 FXST, going from stock turn signals & taillight to after market signals & a side mount taillight. 6 wires back to the taillight. . . then I get lost! turn signals plug into the taillight so it's stuff to trace. Wiring diagram seems to be no help.

In the rear, you should have a blue wire for the running (tail) lights, a purple for the brake, and the right and left directional wires that you can check with a test light to differentiate the rt from the left to hook them up correctly. On the bike end you should have an orange for the run and a red/yl for the brake. You are going to have to figure it out from there and connect the right wires up to the light being I have no idea of the wiring in the light that you are using.