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    Hi, I am wiring a bike with the help from a diagram on this fourm, I'm trying to incorperate the nutral switch and clutch switch to work togather to start the bike in gear with the clutch in, or in nutral with clutch lever out but not to turn over in gear. My problem is my clutch switch cuts contunity when pulled in, and i don't want the nutral light to go out when I pull the clutch lever in. I am using stock 09 V-Rod switch housings, as stock the clutch switch is used by the TSM to work in this way, I'm not using a TSM. Any help would be appriceated. thx
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    If you can get your hands on an 07 or later wiring diagram for a bagger, follow that wiring which would include the two wire neutral switch and the addition of the special clutch handle assembly with the neutral switch feature that only allows it to be started in neutral OR with the clutch pulled in like the cop bikes also.


    Just reread your post and it looks like you have the clutch switch I mentioned.

    You could wire in a standard relay to operate the circuit using the clutch switch but it would have to be tied in with the two wire neutral switch using the ground leg for the relay coil wired into the neutral switch. It would have to be in neutral for it to start then and not on the fly with the clutch pulled in.
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