Winter evo project overhaul

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    I would like to tell a story about the winter project of 30,000 mile engine overhaul I just got done.
    First and foremeost I would like to Compliment the Mechanic who did the work. He was a fine gentlemen, who suffered like crazy account some very bad OEM parts I bought for an EVO motor.

    To begin with last season, I had some problems with my EVO slight rattle between 2,700 and 3,000rpm when the bike oil was hot. I made an arrangement to have 30,000 mile work done. New Drive Belt, Rocker arms shafts I thought were rattlin, added an Jagg Oil cooler etc.

    Once the mechanic opened up the motor he found the Fuel Injection MM bike was running too lean and the rear cylinder jug was Blued. We opted to get the parts and re-build the top end of the motor. I ordered the complete kit PISTONS, RINGS, CYLINDERS. for the mechanic satndard 80cu in jugs etc.

    Once they were installed the bike was smoking like crazy, short story the Rings were NO GOOD only one little part of the rings were touching the cylinder walls. Very much a problem.

    Needed to buy new rings from HASTINGS and replace same re-build the motor two times until everythning worked I just got done seeing the bike finished.

    The dealer was going to offer me a store credit on the rerturn after having to take them apart and bring them back as a used part, they would examine everything, make out a return authorization ticket and go back to Milwaukee, by then it would July 4th.

    Thank GOD we chose to buy new rings for 35.00 from Hastings we are going to finally be able to enjoy the season.



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    Congratulations for getting your ride back on the road and thank you for sharing your experience. Kinda surprised that the standard kit did not work out regarding the rings, but you did order them before you knew what the barrels would be refinished and sized to (a bit cart before the horse thing, but alls good now that you are on after about 3 months of down time. Enjoy!