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    What kinda clothes do you ware to protect you from the cold. I normally will put some sweat pants and sheat shirt on. Then My M65 field jacket with liner plus a scarf, That scarf realy makes a big difference, Its like putting another layer of clothes on.. Plus I have a thick wool ski mask. and some Army Gloves with liner. I will be replacing the Gloves in the very neer future.. The finger's are froze after about 15 miles.. Do you have a glove company that you would recomend. Thats Realy the only thing that gets cold is my hands.. I forgot to mention my insulated boots.. Thanks..Tom
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    There are many choices of cold weather clothing for mororcycling but it will depend on your location and how cold it gets
    For some reason (getting older) its about 7 years since i took a bike out when there is snow and ice on the road
    There have been many threads on the subject so just do a search of the site and you may find the answer you are looking for
    Here is an example

    Warm Clothes - Harley Davidson Community

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    I just got some Gerbing heated gloves and love them. I haven't had a chance to ride in really cold weather yer, but I think they will do the job. 37degrees is the coldest I've had them in.
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    I've got a set of Gerbing gloves and they kept my hands warm when the temp was freezing and my hands get cold real easy. Excellent quality also.
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    I wonder how many of you ware Scarfs.. I use to think that was kinda sissyfied to ware one.. then I got into fishing for big catfish and spent alot of time out on the Cumberland River in Pursuit of that bigun.. and Winter time is the best time to get that bigun. and I met this old feller from way up yonder and he told me I should get me a scarf. and I did and when I'm out fishing in the cold I make sure I got mine on.. Seems to work real good riding the RK to..
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    I dont have a problem with a scarf, I dont have one any more but in Minnesota I used one BRRRR:s
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    At the rate Florida is getting, I need my winter clothes; my long jons and knitted caps.
    I miss my long jons on those cold mornings and yes Florida does get cold and snow has appeared in the panhandle. I am not a fan of heated clothing and the drain it put on the electrical, so I'll just use the good stuff that doesn't require electricity.
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    A scarf is part of my cold riding gear. I found out a long time ago that a draft will make you cold fast. I make sure there is no draft up my sleeves, and that my jacket is snug at the waist in back. I wear a wool stocking cap under my helmet to cover my ears and forehead.
    As for gloves, I have some nice leather long gauntlets that work well, but lately I favor an inexpensive pair of "thinsulate" short gauntlet, fabric gloves. They are a little more flexible. I haven't noticed any wind penetration.
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    Smitty, can this Polartech be had at Army- Navy surplus stores?