Windy in "The Windy City"... Go Figure

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Drew, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. Drew

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    tonight I took the RKC on the highway in very windy conditions... I felt it a little bit, but not bad at all. I'm sure glad I had an 800 pound bike on the super slab with the severe gusts we were getting, though. The bike is great... the new Aileron grips are also a nice addition, much more comfortable than stock.

    Whether riding in traffic, or on the super slab, I just feel more at ease on the RKC than I did on my previous bike. For whatever modest increase in effort there is when parking, backing it up, etc., I will surely take the power and stability of the bike in just about every other situation!

    ride safe
  2. DDogg

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    Windy in the Motor City too :s We got to 86 degrees yesterday. A beautiful night for a ride but windy. I too agree, my FatBob is 700lbs. Hard to backup or move around, but sitting at a light with the wind blowing at 30 to 40 miles an hour might move me a little but very stable. It's the gravel and sand blowing across the highway that I or my bike can't stand. Also the solid wheels did not give me trouble in the wind. The wind blows but my FatBob stays put.
  3. Skratch

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    We rode through Kettle Moraine yesterday. Was very windy. Going on a 350 mile ride today and I see that since I went to bed at midnite, they changed the forecast from high 70's and 30% chance of rain to high 60's and 80% chance.

    I need to be a weatherman or a politician. The only two professions I know where you are highly paid to be consistently wrong.

    Oh well, pack the rain gear. The ride goes on. I'm just sorry I spend a couple hours yesterday getting the bike all shiney.

    Arg. :wall
  4. sharpscuba

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    Hey Skratch were you up in Wisc. in the Northern kettles or in the south around Eagle? I put 200mi up in the Northern forest myself yesterday.