Windshield update.

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by capnmwf, Oct 22, 2013.

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    so, on my 2013 Heritage Classic, the stock windshield created buffeting so bad, at 70 mph, my vision was blurred. I'm about 5'10" btw. After a little research, I ordered a Clearview screen, 17" tall (which came to about the end of my nose height wise). with the vent option.
    After a 5 hr. ride this weekend, I'm very pleased with this product. The adjustable vent works to relieve some of the wind swirling in behind the screen. I also got the screen with the recurve at the top, which i think is the key. I look over the screen, not through it. I think it was $208, total, that's using existing hardware from stock screen. cheers from South Texas.
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    for anyone looking for a replacement shield, Long Ride Shields is having a great sale. I just ordered an 18" clear shield with recurve and the price was $74.70 and 20 for shipping....less than a Ben Franklin
    Call them
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    +1 on the Long Ride shield! Very nice product for the money, specially at the sale price!