Windshield Interchangeability

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by JDPEagle, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. JDPEagle

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    With the recent purchase of our FLHTK, we will have two riders who will be enjoying its "accommodations." Unfortunately, the two riders (myself and my father) are different sizes.

    Given our height differences, a properly sized windshield will not likely fit both of us. Are there any issues with regularly swapping out the windshield for each rider? I know that there is a foam seal on the inside of the outer fairing. Does this seal need to be replaced with every removal of the windshield, or will it hold up to frequent screen swaps? Are there any other issues with this type of unorthodox set-up (fairing cracking, etc)?

    Thanks for the advice!
  2. ultrat

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    I have installed several shields on my bike id say foam good no need to change i haven't. on the 3 bolts holding shield just snug tight could pull out brass ferrules....I am 5.8 & i use a 10.5 clearview recurve very happy, i see over it fine..
  3. Wayne R

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    On my wifes 2006 Ultra I had the exact issue with the ferrules stripping out in the fairing what I did was epoxy them in with JB weld and let dry overnight, being careful not to let the epoxy get in the threads, I did have a 1/4-20 tap handy to clean out threads, Ive had the windshield off several times in the last few years and never had the ferrules spin again, you can get JB weld in most home depots
  4. Dr. Dolittle

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    Don't worry about the foam - I've had my outer fairing off at least a dozen times and the foam's fine.

    I'll second what everyone says about being easy with the windshield bolts. I torque them to specs very slowly and maybe even a tad below spec. Real easy to get too aggressive and strip out the inner ferrules everyone has mentioned.

    The biggest hazard to frequent windshield changes is the human tendency to get in a bit of a hurry so you can get out and ride. DON"T DO IT! If you don't ensure the proper alignment of inner fairing, shield, outer fairing, and bolt as you're tightening everything up, you will hear the sickening sound of your shield cracking! Trust me, it sounds just like your torque wrench clicking but has much uglier results!