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    For those of you out there that run windows 8 an operating system update was released as a free update yesterday October 18th
    To get the update go to the windows store from the tile on the start screen and it should be available
    This is a large update 3.5 gb approx.
    Issues takes a couple of hours to do the download and update you can no longer get into windows by using a local account so you will need to have a Microsoft account or create one during the install a wee bit of a pest I prefer to use a local account however by doing it through a Microsoft account it automatically copied all the data from my phone to my laptop
    Internet explorer has been updated to 11 and lost all the saved usernames and passwords
    Classic shell no longer gets me straight to the desktop on log in I am sure it will be updated soon
    I am sure I will get used to the minor changes after a wee while and if I don't I will just format laptop and start again and use the desktop for a wee while