Willie G Skull Grips Anyone tried them ?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Bud White, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Bud White

    Bud White Well-Known Member Retired Moderators

    Are They Cushy like harley claims or no i like the ideal of them as they are non glue.. the others im looking at are the Kuryakyn ISO Grips which you have to glue the one on..
  2. Bud White

    Bud White Well-Known Member Retired Moderators

    Got a brand you of hair spray you reccomend? course i wont be able to let them sit 12 hours when i do it as i wont be at my house..

    And do the iso grips really make a difference?
  3. Tigg

    Tigg Junior Member

    I used to use hair spray on the grips from my motocross days and it does work. I also had the Skull grips on my Night Train and liked them but the chrome began to peel after about 6 months
  4. biscuit

    biscuit Junior Member

    I've fitted the "squishy" Kuryakyn grips to my FLSTN, and they work great.They came fitted with a paddle type lever on the end of the throttle twist grip that fits into the palm and assists when one blips or moves the throttle . My brother also has them fitted to his FLSTF (sans paddle) and we glued both sets on.

    In all the years we've been riding,we have found by using a HAIR DRYER to heat glued-on grips that they come off easily,and are replaced just as easily.
  5. Joyflyin

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    Ditto on the hairspray.......it does work....hubby laughed at me when I told him that when we changed grips out on our bikes. I raced mtb's too for many years and I never had a set of grips to slip on my. But, the trick is that you have to let them set up.