Will the nightmare ever end?

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by wannaride, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. wannaride

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    First I get the shoes from harleydavidsontensioners.com. Their bad instructions & my not paying attention, caused me to ruin a tensioner. So I bought a new one, no problem they are not that expensive (but every little thing does add up). Then when I was lining up the cams I noticed a bad spot on 1 of my cams (good excuse to go gear drive). then putting them in I put the cams in the wrong spot, had the front in the rear & the rear in the front, so I got those swapped. Went to check backlash, can't feel any, cams turn freely, so there is some (will put a gauge on it tomorrow). So I decided I better check the outer gears, none there either (again they spin freely without any binding). So now I will double check with a gauge tomorrow, but I have a feeling I am going to have to get undersized gears. So it will be another week with out the Ultra. To top it off, I found some bad wires up under the rear fender, so I thought I might as well fix those & I can't find my soldering iron, paste or solder. Good news is the front pulley is on, I was just too tired to put the primary back together tonight.

  2. Bodeen

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    Hang in there, progress is being made. Your much closer.
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    I think she's testing your love and commitment. :D
  4. SledDog

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    Slow, steady and attention to detail. You'll have it back together and ready to go in no time.
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    I feel your pain......actually my back does. Tore into my primary's last night to address a loose and stripped tranny shifter arm. I hear it's somewhat of common problem on some of the older touring bikes (if not all older twin cams). It's all apart and the new arm is on but I want to go with a hex head Grade 8 bolt instead of the oem allen head so I can really crank down tight on it and hopefully avoid the same issue down the road. Tranny pawl splines weren't stripped thank God. I quit at 11 last night. Will put it all back together tonight after work. Yes........it's a labor of love with these things so hang in there. No better feeling than getting the job done yourself and knowing it's done how you would want it. The right way!!!:s
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    Sorry to hear of your bad luck. These beasts are a labor of love or we would not own them. Good luck with your project, take your time and double check your work and you will be back in the wind soon:D
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    Just keep at it and you will get there
    Once back on the road the time and pain of the job will be forgotten and you will have gained sufficient knowledge to keep other members right in the future

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    2nd on Sleddogs suggestion. Research anything you haven't done before & walk through it in the book. Parts books are nice also to see order of assembly. Keep everything clean going in your bike & be patient = good learning experience. Made my share of mistakes in a rush, no doubt!
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    The more I thought about it & also talking with co workers, I really need to put the gauge on it because .0005-.001 would be hard to feel. Won't get a chance this weekend to work on it, going on a 640 round trip rescue of my daughters vehicle. I know after I get done with it I will feel better.

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    Good Luck!!!!!