Will be switching back to k&n Oil filters!!!!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ron1978, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. ron1978

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    I changed my oil last night in shop using hd chrome oil filter , mobil 1 20w50 full syn, when i put the filter on its a super tight squeeze in the oil filter area, the filter it self rubs the voltage regulator when screwing it on, so i put the hd filter on spun it up to the gasket then tried to turn it 1/4 to 1/2 felt tight,
    so i went for a ride today, got about 3 miles from house, was going in to a 90 degree hairpin turn when all of a sudden, the rear end broke traction, causing me almost to go down, i got it straighten up when i looked in the mirrors, i saw something shiny on road behind me, i got about 1/8 up road and my oil light came on, i imedidatly hit kill switch and coasted to a stop, got off and looked the oil filter had came off and was laying in the general area of where it goes, , scared me to death!!!!! so i got my wife to go get me $40.00 more bucks worth of oil and a k&n oil filter, it has a nut on the end, i know when its tight, i bought the hd brand oil filter wrench, ( it don't work either to tighten the hd filter up) theres no room for it to fit on filter, , very poor design on my 2005 rk.. make sure your oil filter is tight, i like to got road rash!!!!!!
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    No offense but sounds like a little operator error. K&N is a good choice tho.
  3. Jack Klarich

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    Maybe a defective filter, Check the stand pipe the filter mounts on I have seen them loosen up, Never had a problem with H D filters JMO
  4. kemo

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    I have to agree with Steve, I think that there was operator error.
  5. ron1978

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    lol, me and dad looked at it awhile ago and only way to properly tighten it is to remove bolts on oil cooler, and remove the 2 bolts on voltage regulator, then you can use the hd oil filter wrench, if you do not remove the above bolts, no way can you get the wrench on, or even get proper torque on the filter, it had a k&n on it when i bought it used from dealer, i see why now, oem filter is mounted in very bad place, i'll load some pics sunday of it and let me know if somethings bent or moved into the way of the filter
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    Couple of questions.... Is oil cooler HD brand and install properly???? Is oil filter wrench the type that goes on a extension and covers the crown of oil filter????
    Yes you are very lucky.
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    here are some pics i took tonight with the hd filter on it, look at how close the filter it to the voltage regulator, and the stator plug in, no clearence hardle, the hd brand filter wrench would not fit, it even has a cut out for the stator plug , is there a long filter hd sells?? if so that would work great!





    yes the type that fits over the end of crown
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    Ron1978, I do believe there is a longer length oil filter that will work just fine in there. Check with the parts guy for the part number or better yet measure how much longer it needs to be...from that picture it is mighty close!!! I would still rather use the HD filter then the K&N, the nut on top is functional, but to me looks ugly...but you know...I am old-fashioned, and the quality of the chrome on the K&N is not that good either...LOL!
  9. ron1978

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    way to close to use a filter wrench and way to tight of area to use my big hands in., i got a k&n filter ordered already this time, but will for sure ask dealer about a longer filter. thanks
  10. rancid

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    i dont believe the super premium 5 micron filter is available longer, just the evo filters. id be adjustingthe position of the reg and cooler bracket