Will 2009 wheels fit a 2007

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by black02flht, Nov 30, 2011.

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    I just noticed an add for wheels and tires.

    2009 street glide wheels and tires. 17" front wheel, good tire, and brake rotors. 16" rear wheel but tire needs to be replaced. Wheels are in very nice condition. about 5,000 miles on wheels. Will fit road glide, road king, street glide

    My question is will they fit my 2007 RG. I know that mine has 16" both front and rear. Would the 17" in the front work.

    Thanks for your input

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    The rear suspension on 2009 and up are completly different to accept the wider wheel and tire......
    "Except for the Road King Classic, which continues to feature a 16 inch front wheel (that permits the wide white sidewall), all sport the new 17 inch front wheels for 2009 with lower profile rubber. The rear wheel on these models is now much wider to accept a 180/65-16 tire. The wider rear tire not only adds visual impact, it contributes to the handling improvement brought about by the stiffer frame and swingarm. Suspension has been re-tuned to work with the new chassis, wheels and tires."
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    In addition to the above, '07's used a 1" axle, '09's have a 25 mm axle. Small difference, but it must be considered.