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    I'm new....I've got a Dyna Super Glide Custom and I've got 10,000 miles in the seat. I've really admired the look of the Wide Glide but I'd like to get some feedback regarding the handling characteristics of this bike. I'm particularly interested in how the narrow front wheel affects handling and does it mean a less comfortable ride? I'm older, 67, so I expect my body to be a little sore from 8-10 hrs riding...but I don't know how the Super Glide ride compares to the Wide Glide.


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    My Night Train has the narrow 21" front tire and it rides just fine handles great , my only thought is maybe the wider front tires might last a little longer , I don't know . I have 7700 miles on mine and it's at 2/32 tread left so I will replace this coming spring .
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    The Dyna Wide Glide has been my favorite looking bike since they were introduced. I almost bought one, but was lucky enough to have a friend let me ride one first. Although I'm 5'10", I have a short inseam and the forward controls were not comfortable to me for a long ride. I bought a Dyna with mid controls instead. I have a bike with a 21" front wheel, and it's ok, but wanders a little more than the wider tire.
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    I have a wide glide but a previous owner fitted it with a 16" front wheel same size as the rear i feel it makes it a wee bit slow into turns so perhaps not so nimble in the twisty bits of road
    My softail custom has the 21" front wheel and i prefer the feel of that wheel on the front as the front of the bike feels lighter and more nimble