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    i want to replace the stock seat on my 1998 dyna wide glide. I was thinking about taking of the sissy bar and putting on a badlander seat. Does anyone have a picture of a bike like this with a badlander seat so that i could see what it would look like.
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    Here is a pic of a Badlander on a 2003 wide glide.


    This seat is a Sidekick, its alot more comfortable for the rider and passenger. It does move the rider back about 2" or so from stock. I have 3" forward controls on mine and I have a 34 inseam and its almost perfect.


    The Sidekick seat is discontinued for our model bike. I got mine a few months ago and only rode with it for about 500 miles or so. The wife hated the badlander, the side kick wasnt too bad but she wanted more comfort so I had a custom seat made.

    *edit* Cant post pics till I have 5 posts BRB
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    Here is an old style. New ones are similar although they may have moved the logo some. And NO, it is not comfortable for the back seater if you're goin' any further than to the next ice house. This is on my little bike which is a '91 Dyna. Should be similar look on the WG except for the tail on your sheet metal.


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