Why We Are Bikers

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  1. Redfish-Joe

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    I got this in an e-mail today. I guess it sums it up for me.:D

    My son asked me today why my friends and I are bikers.
    I couldn't help but smile when he asked, but knew I
    should explain it in the most honest way I could.
    So I explained to him....

    We are people that choose
    to live differently than others because we have special abilities.

    We have the ability to hear music in the wind.

    We can smell perfume in the open air of the pine forests and watered valleys.

    We are people that can feel intoxicated by cold rain on our faces.
    I explained to him that bikers are people that can see the world in colors of chrome and candy.

    Our artists are people who paint with lacquers on a canvas of iron;
    sculpt masterpieces from blocks of steel and aluminum.

    Lastly, I explained to him that we are a union of people that still believe in the ideals of pride, integrity, and brotherhood.

    That words like honesty, nobility, and courage have not been lost to our ears.
    Most of all we are a people that choose to live by a code set forth by those that came before us.


    " Walker "
  2. KingHeritage

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    For me it goes back to my father.We are what our fathers were.He rode in the 50's when I was a young lad.I can remember trying on his leather jacket when I was about 8 yrs old that was only 10 sizes too big for me.I've now been on 2 wheels since the mid 60's (not on the street)and always think of him on every ride.
  3. Apyle

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    It something my father and I share. My brother and dad share everything they are the outdoors men of the family they hunt and fish, and all they talk about is the next game they are hunting. I don't share the same passion for such things. But since I got the bike dad and I have that, I can call him and say I'll meet him somewhere and we go!
  4. Clint

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    My Dad never rode bikes, horses were his thing!

    I had friends that had all sorts of motorcycles, we had some good times!
  5. oseita

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    I know for me it runs in the family. I've noticed also that when people get accustomed to seeing me ride, when I don't show up on my bike they begin to ask what's wrong or has something happened to my bike.:yes
  6. Davidw2415

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    I really don't remember when or why I first felt the desire to have a bike but it was several years before I finally got one. I just wish I wouldn't have waited so long.

    00BUCKSHOT Junior Member

    i can come home from work ill from a bad day.....fire my bike up and with in 2miles my worries are gone and i'm in a good mood....don't know why i love it so much i just do.
    i just wish i had more time to ride (weekends and after work are not enough!)ehh maybee i'll hit the lotto then i could ride 24/7 lol

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Two wheeled sports were always engrained in my mind from the very first time I saw kids at school have them and I did not. :( In the very first grade I walked to school and really wanted a bicycle...but parents said they were "--too dangerous and not necessary to excell in school..." so I learned on friends' bike who lived a few blocks away. Did a lot of crazy things on two wheels. Helped others put 'em together (the neighborhood mechanical/electronics guy and my best friend the machinist/welder). Started with pedal bikes, rebuilding them and reselling to make money. Got into motorized handbuilt go-karts, mini-bikes and tote-goats (fat tired farm 2 wheeler), powered first with lawn mower engines and got into a lot of near accidents on more than one occasion. Fast-foward to today...got into automotive repair and loved driving...BUT still the "biker"...peddling "man power", 80 horse power Harley or 120+ Sportbikes its' all good. More rational, more experienced, a touch more careful but still a committed enthusiast always. Now all of you, go out and enjoy the ride, it gets better every time you get on! :yes
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  9. gasbag

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    I thought it was because I love riding motorcycles. Oh well, silly me.
  10. Skratch

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    The first post of the thread summed it up for me.