Why Men Can't Be Agony Aunts

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    Write to Uncle John here at the letters desk at "The County Times" for advice with your problems:

    Dear "Uncle John",

    I was called to work the other day (I'm a nurse) and on my way my car broke down. I called the roadside assistance people and a nice mechanic came along and looked at the engine - he told me the fuel pumped had seized in my 2002 VW Golf. He suggested to me that he would have it towed to a VW dealarship to be repaired and kindly drove me back home.
    When I got home, I found my husband in bed with the pretty young thing from next door! I am utterly devasted and still in shock, I don't know what to do. Please advise me....


    Broken hearted Annie

    Dear Broken hearted Annie,

    The '98-'04 Golfs are notorious for fuel pump problems. They are also prone to early problems with the shocks.
    If I were you - I would get it repaired by your VW dealership and then trade it in against a newer model that doesn't have that particular problem or take your car else where and trade it in if you want to move away from over-priced VW.

    Hope this helps,

    Uncle John
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    Good one! :s
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    nice one