Why Choose Sportster?

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    Guys below is some reason why choose Sporster as your bikes.This guide compiled from Sportster owner that I meet and they have ride Harley more than 30 years.

    • Sporster are plenty of these types in HOG clubs and plenty of them looking down on Sporties. For rider who don't have a passenger,don't need more storage than the trunk and bags, don't need to go too fast (just fast enough), and don't need to fit in,so the Sporster is just fine for this type rider. Just changed the seat and you should good to go without any worry about mileage or comfort.
    • Low and awesome looking!35 inch inseam,fat rear tire,loud, and like a motorcycle should!

    • Not everyone can ride a sportster. It's really not an easy bike to ride.If someone can ride a sportster, he/she can ride anything.

    • Sporster was Harley's race bike.Which would make it not suitable for just a girls bike or a beginners bike. But Those that think of a Sportster as a girls bike probably know us.Women can out run them and look better doing it too.

    • It is fast, nimble, a pleasure to ride and the owner wouldnt trade it for nothing. Rider get kidded a bit from buddies but it is good natured and mainly because of the ribbing rider had given others about riding a sportster.

    • When the Sportster came out it was Godzilla compared to most bikes *except* BIG Harleys (the big Indians were already defunct by then). In spite of that, today's Sporties are even bigger just about any way you measure them!

    • The Sportster is such a humongous bike in most of the world that in some countries only small percentage of their motorcycle riders can pass the rigorous tests necessary to get licensed for anything over 650cc and ride one (in certain countries BIG is anything over a 250).

    • In the US Sportsters are now "little" bikes ONLY because wide-frame cruisers (the most profitable slice of the market) have grown to where a 1300 is now often called "midsize." Beats me why so many people who don't fit bikes that big seem to think they need one.

    • Sportsters do not sound like other Harleys, they sound meaner, less civilized, more aggressive. You get more bang for your buck when doing performance mods, touring mods, or any other modification. You get a platform you can make into your very own boulevard cruiser, touring, canyon carver or whatever your mind imagines. No other bike as quite as versatile as the sportster. It is indeed a canvas on which you paint your soul's desires.It is the most maligned, misunderstood, yet beloved bike Harley has ever made.

    • Most guys think Harley built them for new riders or girls! Nothing could be further from the truth! They are if anything, the worst bike to learn on.The high center of gravity on a sportster can make them difficult to handle for new riders. I guess it's the old cliché that bigger is better. Bigger just means that there are more parts that can fail.

    • Sportsters are a whole hell of a lot easier to move around the garage, load and unload from the truck or trailer and easier to work on when and if you ever have too.

    • Sportster is the number 1 selling Harley and has been on the market for 50 years So they have got to be doing something right.

    • Sportster can manuvered easily during heavy traffics and so easy to drive along most corners.

    These only guide for newbie rider if they want choose Sporsters and WILL NEVER put anyone down because of what they ride. I don't care what your bikes.The fact that they ride makes us all family.They are Harley's and they are great bikes. No one should be made to feel less about what ever they ride.Riding is indeed one of the few things left that we can do that's totally
    individual!! !

    If you Sporster owner and want added your personal reason,just reply this thread :)

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    Jam just bought my first sportster as a matter of fact it's my first harley, alway's rode yam's what a differace! feel's like a bike should, low to the ground and fast. [1200N] I don't need bag's fairings and radios thank you, talk about torque i think this thing could pull a tree stump... wish spring would return, bike is in the garage and the white crap is falling from the sky, BUMMER...... Todd from mich.
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    I dont get it?:confused:

    Is someone sensative about riding a sportster?

    No matter what you buy, there will always be someone there telling you why you bought the wrong model. I never listen to em!

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    I bought my first Harley back in August 2005 and it was a 1200 Custom Sportster. I had not ridden in over 30 years due to a military career and 6 rugrats to raise. One thing I can say - it's true - a Sportster is a rough bike to learn on. It's higher than normal center of gravity makes it a little hard to handle, but I got use to it. I traded it last December for a 2007 Heritage Softail Classic and as the salesman told me, if you can ride a Sportster you can ride anything on our floor. Right he was. The Heritage feels like a cadillac compared to a Volkswagon. Not to say that Sportster is bad - many people love them and I too loved mine. Just got tired of the wife complaining of "buzz butt" after long rides - even with a Sundowner deep cushion seat.
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    Sportsters are awesome motorcycles. Most guys I ride with like my Sportster. A real Harley rider does not diss another guys bike I don't diss for riding a Fat Boy
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    that is a very good question!