Who rides 2 up on their Sportster?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by USAPL09, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. USAPL09

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    I'm trying to make a decision as to what to buy... first time Harley. I was leaning toward the 09 1200XLC... but there may be a good chance my wife will want to climb on board alot... Will I regret the sportster purchase if this becomes the case? Any sportster owners ride 2 up regularly? If you do, did you add accessories for comfort?:wall
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    I also got a 11200 c as my first Harley. The only accessory I have is a sissy barm which my wife loves. She is comfortable on the bike and it is great two up. We haven't done any long trip but for weekend running around toen the bike is pleny stong and she is comfortable. I suggest a back rest for her but other than that this is a great bike.
  3. Skratch

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    We started riding 2-up on my 1200R. Put a Sundowner seat on with a backrest and it helped. Shortly there-after we bought a Heritage.

    The way I look at Sportsters for alot of people is that they are the intro to HD. A stepping stone to a larger bike. (not everyone mind you, but some).

    It'll handle 2-up just fine but since we got a Heritage, the Sporty is my solo sport bike. Since the Heritage, my wife won't even get on the Sporty anymore.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not degrading the Sportster. It's a great, fun bike. But in my view, if you can afford it, you'd like a bigger bike for 2-up much more.
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    sporty was my first harley,,,, with the stock pillion pad did get complaints after few miles so would suggest a reasonable seat would be good idea,,,, but the bike handled it better than my girls rear,,,,,,
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    Our first bike was an 883C, after an hour on the stock seat you couldn't walk for a day or so (might be because we're both over 50), we put the Sundowner seat on and it was better. The best thing we did was put a Mustang wide touring seat on the Sporty with a back rest. You should be able to find one on eBay alot cheaper than from a dealer. The Sporty is great and fun ride but still not meant to be a 'touring' bike.

    We moved up to an Ultra Classic this year and absolutely love it.

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    I ride two-up touring about twice a month, we are about 5'6" 135lbs and 5'3" 120lbs respectively, and fit the bike just fine...handling, weight, power and braking is just right. I used to tour on a '81 Yamaha Maxim for almost 20 years (sorry guys)...a UJM (Universal Japanese Machine) shafty my gal still calls a "Cadillac", (not "the Rack" of my 93 Suzuki Katana "Blade")...and considers the '04 Harley a "Truck/Tractor" (in a good way) by comparison. As far as ease and comfort, she does like the Harley the best after a few selected mods...:newsmile064:

    I added a sissybar pad, sheepskin/gel pillion cover, ridden typically 360 mile stints. My Sporty upgrades, MAPAM forward controls, Lindby Highway Bars w/Willie G. Footpegs, Kuryakyn ISO mini-wings, Drag Specialties Seat, HD Street Slammer Bar/Triple Tree and a '05 4.2Gal tank for long touring comfort. Of course the obligatory Stage I A/F, Carb mods and Drag Specialties Pipes and stainless brake lines for two finger firm stops complete the circle of mods "two" make it all work. :newsmile105:


    If you and your riding partner are "full sized" it may be a little tight, but for me it works perfect...as the Sporty is 600lbs and relatively compact in size. I have been touring in some rough places that had I a fully laden touring bike with bags with co-rider, it would be more than a handful if 200-300lbs plus additional bulk would have been too much for my 10 months HD riding time, but I am learning! IMHO I think the Sporty was my perfect intro to MOCO and I am keeping her...maybe in a couple years I will opt for a Road King, but for now I am in a very good place.:bigsmiley12:
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    I bought a 2004 sportster after not riding for years. I bought the sporty not knowing how much riding I'd be able to fit in. I soon started riding a whole lot more than I expected and my wife started riding with me. It was pretty uncomfortable for her after a few miles, bought a mustang seat, which helped. The next year we traded in the sporty and got a Heritage Classic. I love the Heritage, loved the sporty too, but this is so much more comfortable.
  8. wrightj123

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    I got an 08 sportster with a removable backrest and sundowner seat last May. My wife and I rode 2 up quite a few times. It is a hard ride and after an hour it gets uncomfortable.

    I traded the sporty in for an 09 SG and I'm loving every minute of it. The sporty seems OK for toolin around town but it is not a 2 up touring bike imo
  9. jack19512

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    I recently purchased my first HD bike, it is a 2003 XLH1200. For me and my wife this bike is the worst two-up bike I have ever owned so far. I installed a mustang seat but that didn't help much.

    I really like this bike but had I known what I know now I would have purchased something else. There is plenty of power, it's just that the bike is just too short for anything two-up except for two very skinny people.

    My wife and I are average size and weight and feel that we barely fit on the bike together. My honest opinion is for two-up riding get something else.
  10. Joyride

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    You can ride two up on a Sportster by changing seat and suspension and you'll be good to go. I rode two up coast to coast and back (Connecticut to San Fran) with my wife. Not for everyone but it can be done with relative comfort.