Which rotor should I use?

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by CalgaryBikeBum, Oct 17, 2008.

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    I have 2000 Roadking Police that I am bringing back to its former glory. HAHAHA
    I had charging problems and the help on here was great. I have subsequently determined (after tearing primary down) that my rotor is screwed. The magnets have slipped around and are all clustered on one side. That would explain the sudden vibration showing up in the motor about 2 days before the battery went dead. I bought a new regulator and Stator from J&P cycle (cycle Electric) and now found that my rotor is pooched. The local harley dealer has been great and actually contacted the police garage that serviced my bike to determine if the rotor is special ??? or in other words heavier? They say no and they are all the same now. I want to believe that because the price for that rotor is way cheaper then the 45 amp unit? However I feel that mine had that 45 amp rotor? Will it matter other then I might only get 38 amps instead of 45 amps? I don't have much for accessories but want to do the right thing? They left me with idea that they upgraded them all now and they are all one size? What do you guys think?

    Sorry for long winded story....:p
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    If you talk to the HD Dealership, they should be able to tell you what the parts book called for.

    What was the stuff you bought from J&P Cycle? What rotor do they suggest for that bike?

  3. CalgaryBikeBum

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    Thanks for reply. Actually it was the Harley dealership that told me that their book shows one rotor for all bikes now??? Yet there are multiple part numbers????
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    Use the 45 amp, all the baggers were upgraded to that one if I remember right in 99 or 2000
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    Clean your old rotor and look it over carefully. Most stock HD rotors have the amp rating stamped right on it. Could be on the outside or inside.
    Most baggers of that vintage will be 38amp but I can see where the PD versions would use the 45amp
    Better look the stator over carefully because the magnets slipping will cause it to go out of phase and roast it quick.