Which one would be the best for give me your opinion

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  1. slopdogg

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    I am looking to get a Harley, been wanting one for years, but always talked out of it and got into other hobbies instead. I was wanting a heritage softail or fatboy lo, but after thinking about it instead of dropping $20,000 or so on a new bike that I would start with something used and cheaper to assure that I really like it.
    first off I am 5,7 about 265 so I am built like sponge bob, very broad shoulder not just all gut I am just a big dude a short corn fed.guy. anyway I am looking at a 06 standard soft tail and a 03 dyna super glide both about same miles and price. being my stature what would you think be my best choice or should I just get the bigger bikes like listed above. don't want it to look like you can not even see the bike if u no what I mean. I will be using it for everything not heavy touring but will take some trips and riding all over and in town. Thanks for any input.
  2. jamesearl

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    get the dyna
  3. slopdogg

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    yeah I have been reading a lot of people say they or good bikes I thought it would be a lil to small for me. when I was looking to buy new I just sat on the bigger bikes and touring bikes will go set on them when I get a chance before I buy it is hard to ride a bunch when you are buying a used bike by the way what do you think is a fair price for a 2003 super glide with 18,000 it has a few miles just seeing if it is a good deal

    I meant it has 18,000 miles and it has a few mods on it
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  4. Jeff Klarich

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    I think the best advice would be go to your local Harley dealer and test drive the different models that appeal to you.
    I think the only way you'll get the scoot that fits you and your needs is to test ride and or rent it for the weekend. JMHO.
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  5. rusntx

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    Agree with Jeff, you need to take some test rides to really know what works for you. Good luck!
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  6. mc2

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    Research. The Harley dealer as Jeff said, and another would be to meet with the local HOG chapter. You don't mention your riding experience. A twist of throttle to 800+ pounds of machine below your 265 is something you definitely want to control, especially in close quarters around town. Make a well informed decision. Good luck & be safe.
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  7. TQuentin1

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    I agree with Jeff given the heads up from mc2. If your riding time is a bit dated, a way to get back in the saddle safely is the Riders' Training Course. It will be a small bike, but that will be very controllable and help brush off the cobwebs.

    WRT the bikes you had mentioned, the Softail will probably feel the most stable. Wideglide or regular Dyna are fun run arounds, but have more rake. Also, if the WG has forward controls, you may find them hard to reach (I'm 5'-6"). I have a '91 Dyna that was my first re-entry to motorcycles after riding a bunch back in my college days. I have had UCs and Heritage Softail Classics. The Softail is the most stable feel until the UCs are lowered and fiddled with. The Dyna is just plain fun, but it is a run around.


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  8. Jack Klarich

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    Test rides @ your dealer and a riders course IMO
  9. dolt

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    Test ride is good advice and looking at used is smart; just take your time, shop and don't be afraid to deal hard. Once you settle on a price, be prepared to walk of the dealer won't meet your terms.
    If I were your and your size, I would be looking at an '09 up FLHX, Streetglide. I think it will fit you better, provides some luggage space, batwing fairing to keep the wind off and an all around good looking bike; probably the best selling of all the Harleys. I have two early models, a softail Deuce and an Electra Glide Standard. If I had to sell one tomorrow, the softail would go; I wouldn't even have to think about it.
  10. jamesearl

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    I always look at a kelly blue book before I buy or trade.You'll get a good idea there.Just remember they won't sell it for wholesale.The used bikes around here are cranked up about 3 to 4 grand,from dead nuts.You can add hwy pegs to any dyna frame,they add a lot of room.Dynas are great bikes,I had an 09 fxdc.Did some pullback risers for the bars,had some hwy pegs and eventually put bags on it.

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