Which Oil Cooler is best for my Bike

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ThaiHog, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Hey All , i have a 2003 anniv Ultra Classic with lower fairing installed , i live and ride in Thailand where the weather is always warm at best and very hot at worst . I want to try and decrease the oil temp by installing an oil cooler , changing to synthetic oil and fitting an oil temp gauge in lieu of the air temp gauge .

    1/ what is the best cooler for my bike ?? is the original Harley oil cooler in the parts cat the best ??

    2/ what brand of synthetic oil and type is the best and why ??

    3/ is a kit available to do the oil temp in lieu of the air temp ??

    Thanks in anticipation
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    If you use the search feature at the top of the forum, you'll come up with many posts that will answer your questions .

    Also look in the self help forum for many answers to questions like you have here.

    The Jagg cooler is an excellent unit as well as the HD unit.
    Jagg 10 row Oil Cooler - Harley Davidson Community

    Ultra Cool Oil Coolers discounted for HD Talking Members - Harley Davidson Community

    Mobil1 V Twin syn oil is about as good as it gets.
    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community

    Here's a few ideas about the kit.

    Oil Temp Gauge Installation - Harley Davidson Community
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    sounds like you'll be busy for a while.........
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    Glider has pointed you in the right direction, now do a little homework as to the style and type of cooler you like. I put the HD premium cooler on my RG and the temps have been at or below 210* all summer so far.
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    Thanks Glider will do my research and post the outcome ...Cheers

    I think so , but a good move in our constant heat makes a lot of sense ....
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    Well, you have 1/2 the battle licked, now to "find" the best one for your bike is the other, being in Thailand. I would imagine many "clones" of the ones available in the US are there. Heard there is a bit of politcal unrest there, be careful and good luck in your search...! :s
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    Put an oil temp gauge on first.
    Then you can see any changes made.
    Marlin's Marlin Corporation - First Page See our new parts has a kit for oil temp.
    It replaces the air temp gauge. It can also check your head temp.
    I added it to my '07 Ultra.

    It was handy while riding through the desert last year. 115 degree temps.
    Only thing it did was tell me the oil temp but doesn't allow for any way of cooling the oil. Once the oil gets hot, it will stay hot, even with an oil cooler.

    I knew what my oil temp was but the bike ran fine. Other riders had the same oil temperature but because they didn't have a gauge, they were clue-less.

    I live in Iowa and temps here get over 100 degrees but I'm not adding a cooler.
    It just adds more hoses that are exposed to the chance they could be cut/ruptured and then what do you do with a leaking oil supply?

    I figure if a cooler was really needed, Harley would add them as standard equipment from the factory.

    Synthetic oil will help to bring the oil temp down.
    Your choice on brand as everybody has an opinion.
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    You're kidding, right?

    Like comfortable seats, backrests, highway pegs, functional speakers, heat deflectors (pre 09), and other needed stuff like that? :p
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    The Doc is right.

    They are even making parts that were chrome at one time out of the black ABS now so you have to spend more after the purchase. They have it all figured out in their direction $$$.:s
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    I know they want us to buy aftermarket "stuff."
    All clever marketing!
    That's why they give us that big P&A book at the dealership.