Where is TCB (Traction Control Braking)?

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Original Scourge, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Original Scourge

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    I have been trying to contact the folks at TCB (Traction Control Braking) in order to buy their product, but I can get no response to my e-mails. Does anyone know what has happened at TCB to cause them to ignore potential customers? I like the concept and reviews of their braking valves. Their web site is here: Traction Control Braking- TCB Brake Systems TM- Traction Control Brakes System
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    I would be concerned using this product. ABS is a very sophisticated electronic system and can not understand how not measuring wheel speed you can effectively have abs.
    This is what I copied from their web site: "Patented Designs and Patents Pending" so maybe there is some liabilty aspect that is causing you to not get a reply.
  3. glider

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    I agree with what Hoople posted about that valve. I wouldn't use it on in place of an ABS system. It will effect breaking and not necessarily in a positive way.
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    Initially I was quite interested in the product. After reading the various posts mentioned, I decided against it. As far as my limited technical mind can figure, it just makes the brake pedal LESS sensitive to panic braking, i.e. it is some kind of pressure relief. I would like to know the specifics of it's operation, even though I highly doubt it would change my mind.
  5. Original Scourge

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    Okay, you guys have convinced me... that you are not fans of this concept. lol. The guy from TCB finally did respond to a 2 week old e-mail I had sent (something about the e-mail server being down... hmmm).

    I am going to be a guinea pig and try this product anyway. Yeah, yeah, "your funeral and all that jive." My bike is in the garage for the season and is receiving its usual Winter projects. Spring will be here soon enough and after a reasonable testing period, I will post an honest review on this site of the TCB braking valves.

    Wish me luck, keep your doubting downer comments to yourself, and hopefully I'll be able to post a promising positive review. If I think the product is garbage, maybe I'll save someone else from making a mistake. If I think they make me safer, I'll want to share that too. See you on the back roads!
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    I will wait for your response before I pass judgemant. I am an engineer and therefore quite skepticle of products that claim to improve safety or performance. When you have the chance to put these to the test I would recommend that you wear protective gear and to do this in a closed course type of setting. The best way to test these would be on a dyno with the bike strapped down. The writeup I saw with a couple of guys and beer in a parking lot, did not impress me. I would also like to see if they are DOT approved, and the testing that was done.

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    I am in agreement with virtually all the responders...ABS is a tested product, over many years and miles from it's beginnings in the military aircraft research to prevent planes from sliding off rollering decks of an aircraft carrier to civilian aircraft (commercial R&D by Boeing and others), racing and then finally to street vehicles (cars and motorcycles) to where we are now (an actually affordable car-motorcycle option). I would not discount that level of tried and true multi-million dollar testing and go it solo...you only have one life after all...JMHO
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    Maybe I'm paranoid but this comment bothers me.

    In the event that the diaphragm ruptures (the diaphragm is what provides the Traction Control Braking System benefits) normal braking resumes and the integrity of the original brake system is not compromised.

    I'm not sure what this diaphragm consists of, but if it ruptures, a small piece could break off and possibly plug the brake line.