When they find out you ride a motorcycle...

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    I know I am not the only rider to have this happen.

    I met a person yesterday, who -- through conversation -- asked me if I ride. I said yes. Immediately the discussion turned to horrible motorcycle accidents and deaths and how she wouldn't let her husband ride one because he has responsibilities as a husband and father, and he just can't die right now.

    I got irritated by the whole thing as she smiled and smiled.

    I mean, when you buy a car people don't go on and on about how many car accidents there have been lately. And how you are obviously going to die in a car wreck.

    What is the line you use in a conversation like this???

  2. glider

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    Gee, you're very insecure aren't you? :D
  3. Bud White

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    Basiclly i just tell um thats your choice not mine and i don't care to hear it .. Rude yes but it stops it .. kind of like politics and religion just tell um i have my ideals you have yours lets just stop now

    I tell everyone if you want my honest opinion ask but be sure you want it i don't suger coat things and im pretty straight and to the point
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    More people Die crossing the road does that mean she will not let her Husband cross the road anymore

    Next time someone says that to you Just look at them as if there Stupid as they probably are............
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    I dumped my EGC on 2/15. In the hospital, a nurse told me about the number of motorcycle accidents she had seen and how some of the riders had died.

    Now, keep in mind that I walked away from this one relatively unscathed: 3 cracked ribs, a broken left index finger, and some bumps and bruises. That's all. I'm actually feeling pretty good (and I'm ready to ride again -- but I'm nuts... and that's a story for another time... :) )

    But, this (EDIT) (EDIT) me off.

    "Are you suggesting that I stop riding altogether?"

    She got quiet for a moment, and then said, "Well..."

    I interrupted her. "Are you going to moralize at me?"

    She looked like she was going to get angry. I spoke again, before she said anything else.

    "Are we done now?"

    She walked away and another nurse came over.

    "I don't know who that other nurse was, but her bedside manner sucks."

    The second nurse told me that I wouldn't see her again. I didn't.

    Could I have registered a complaint? Yes, I probably could have. But, I think my comment about "bedside manner" was enough.

    In short: I don't moralize at anyone about their behavior, and I don't expect them to do it to me. When someone does, my first reaction is always the same:

    "Are you going to moralize at me?"

    Usually (EDIT) 'em off... but it gets my point across.


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  6. SportyHawg

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    But still annoyed. I don't tell others how to live, and am always amazed at how freely other people think they can tell me.
  7. glider

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    That was meant as my reply, not towards you thou.:s
  8. SportyHawg

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    I was still stuck with that darned conversation in my head and heard your reply the wrong way. Appreciate the clarification!

  9. STEVE07

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    I just walk away.Some people just aren't worth your time!
  10. threesteps

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    Most of the time I just change the subject or move on. However, I was at a neighbor's party a while back and the wife in a non riding couple started in with the danger talk. I asked her "don't you want to try it... I'll take you for a ride". Guess my good looks and charm didn't work...she walked away.:eam