When it's Cold, How Cold is Cold

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by DDogg, Nov 19, 2008.

  1. DDogg

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    What the coldest weather you ride in. Now let's say the roads are clear of snow, ice, salt, sand. And, you have clothes to protect you. It's just darn cold. Yesterday here in Michigan it was around 36 degrees. It was cold because of the wind. My wife called me nuts for wanting to ride to work in the morning. It was 22. Sunny and 36 in the afternoon. I"m curious to see how many other bikers my wife would call nuts.
  2. glider

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    30* is about the cut off for me. Did it and it's not a pleasant ride at all.
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    I've ridden when it was high 30's and mostly I enjoyed the crazy looks I got from folks in their nice, warm cars! It's still a good ride but it just takes so much more preparation before heading out. Luckily, we get plenty of days above 40 or so here in Georgia, even in the dead of winter.
  4. formike56

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    did 36 on Monday... it was cold on the hands. everything else was alright. Need to find some wool glove liners:newsmile078:
  5. scrinch

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    Was 30 here yesterday and I went about 1.5 hr round trip to a store that sells battery powered heated socks. Of course if I hadn't been driving the bike I wouldn't have needed to go to the store for the socks!! I am sure your wife would have called me crazy My wife would agree with her..

    We go snowmobiling when it is -20 and no one calls you crazy, but if you ride a bike below 50 degrees people think you have a loose screw. What's with that?

    As an aside, the socks worked swell, Warm feet on the return trip. Ahhhh! In fact, warm all around except my throttle hand. I can't find my snowmobile gloves.

    It is all about dressing right.
  6. Mr. Clean

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    When I lived in northern NJ, 28 degrees was my cutoff. Don't ask why I chose this temperature, because I do not remember why. Of course I only rode when the roads were dry and free of snow and ice. Lots of salt usually on the roads though.

    However, I rode with a Gerbings heated jacket liner and heated gloves under my First Gear Kilimanjaro jacket. I also wore long johns, jeans and my First Gear overpants with liner. I was barely warm enough and my feet did get cold. My wife was convinced I was crazy then, but she often thinks I am crazy.

    Now I live in Florida and I no longer worry about the cold weather. When it is cold (high 40's -low 50's) I wear my leather jacket, lined gloves and maybe I will put on my leather pants instead of my Draggin' Jeans.
  7. Butch

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    30 degrees or when salt starts to be used - whichever comes first...Around here that was Monday. :cry
  8. Docbob

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    I don't have much discomfort if it is above 30. However, the heated gear is worth the price if you want to fide year around. I only have the heated gloves for now because fingers are the things that get REALLY cold!!!
  9. stratosphere

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    can stand it around 30 degrees but have had to ride in colder when I was in Denver
  10. 01dynaglide

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    My coutoff is 30. I have when it was just under that but my hands got pretty cold. I think that has something to do with riding a hour to work running 70 -80 mph.