Wheel weights and tire dots.

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by Hoople, Mar 27, 2010.

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    Something that may be interesting and wanted to pass it along.

    Purchased new tires and was told that the red or yellow dot on the tire is the lightest location of the tire. That dot should be lined up with the wheel tire valve since that is the heavy spot/location of the rim.
    Well that may be true on front wheels but when I checked my rear wheel, I found the location of the tire valve was not the heavy spot. In my case it was almost opposite to the valve. Since you have a brake rotor and belt hub involved that would be understandable.

    Moral of the story is check the balance of the wheel by itself 1st and find the true heavy spot. There is No point in placing extra wheel weights on the rim when they can be easily eliminated.
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    Hoople, sometimes in balancing tires we have to spin them 180 degrees to get them right. The red or yellow dots are placed there by the tire manufacturer, but we still have to spin some of them to get them right, Jack
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    Great advice and thanks for sharing it.