Wheel Bearings ?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by martywild, Mar 9, 2011.

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    Anybody know if there is an issue with Harleys Wheel Bearings
    I have a 2009 Ultra I had one front wheel bearing go whilst on tour the bike had low mileage and was about 6 months old; then the other went about 3 months later.

    Now the bike has 22,000 miles and it looks like the rear has gone, in all my 30 odd years of riding I have never had a wheel bearing go, this is my first Harley, just wondered if there is a problem with them
  2. Breeze3at

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    I have read of a couple of low mileage, late model wheel bearing problems on this forum recently. I just replaced the front wheel bearings on my '92 at 61,000 miles. The rear are still original.
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  4. Jack Klarich

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    These new sealed bearings are not as good IMO as the old ones, but cheaper and easier for the MOCO to put in than shim the end play like with the old bearings, I do know they cannot take a lot of water abuse, Do not pressure wash around the bearings
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    I had my front & rear wheels replaced back in November with ~10K miles on my bike, and therefore had the bearings replaced. However, the local Indy showed me the removed bearings and expressed how he was amazed at how badly worn they were. He told me that if I had kept my original wheels the bearings probably wouldn’t have lasted another 5K miles. Note this Indy dealer is reputable more trusted than the local dealer shops.
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    Myself and two others who bought 09 touring bikes have all had the front wheel bearings go out. Mine at 27k, the other two at 24k and 31k. None of us use car washes or high pressure water to clean our bikes. All three were warranted with...you guessed it, the same bearings as went in at the factory. How many out there think these replacements will last any longer than the originals? OK, stop laughing. I know the answer, but I just had to ask the question.
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    Yup bad seal letting water in. Keep the hose off the bearing area. My 2010 had 2 bad fronts at 4500 miles. Another harley improvment to deal with.
  8. Porter

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    I don't know it this is a systemic problem or not and I understand the need to try am make a company profitable. But going with cheap wheel bearings sounds like a serious safety concern. That is just greed to me and unacceptable. Especially on a touring model that should be expected to get higher miles. Also, it is not like making wheel bearings is an evolving technology where you are on the cutting edge and would expect some design issues. I hope this is just a few isolated (annoying) incidents...
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    On a positive note, the wheels on my 08 EGC still go 'round and 'round, just like on the bus. Black Betty is so pretty other companies are making copies, just to sell bikes. I get a big ol' grin everytime I ride her and my wife gets so comfortable on the back she falls asleep. I'm looking forward to a long and lasting relationship. :)
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    Got 33,000+ on the 08 Ultra, and 19,000+ on the 08 Dyna. Both have the original bearings with no signs of any problems.

    Did they change the bearings after 08?